Gori is too gory!?

Turns out Gori is too gory. Gori: Cuddly Carnage is a badass video game. You literally play a cat, on a hoverboard, killing evil unicorns and some other twisted toys. Gori releases on Aug 29th and it is probably the best cat-killing unicorn game there has ever been. Gori has been created by three wonderful, maybe a little mad, Swedish friends called Angry Demon Studios. If you haven’t wishlisted the game yet, we have no idea what you’re waiting for – so tap your fingers, paws or any other body part and show some love. Also – some people in Japan got upset by the amount of blood that is splattered across the screen when you kill the various enemies, so it’s been a little censored for that region. Instead of seeing gallons of blood as you play, you’ll now see ‘purple toy juice’ instead, which is totally not blood re-coloured. We had to remove some dead humans too. If there is demand, we’ll put this as an option into all regions and formats. Although… why you’d not want to see the blood spill out of evil unicorns is something we’ll never understand. PS a demo launches in August. Also, if you don’t share this then you are anti-cats.

Due to the amount of blood saved in the censored version, several team members will be donating to https://www.blood.co.uk/ and we call on others to join in and donate – in Gori’s name.


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