A new trailer to slice up Black Summer…At FearFest!

That’s right – Gori Is pouncing onto FearFest! by joining Feardemic’s celebration of all things horrific and blood-soaked with a brand new trailer, and a pretty radical announcement for those of you who are wishlisting the game (More on that sooooooon) – not heard of Fearfest? Hit the link here to learn a little more: Fear Fest

The event itself will be starting at 7 pm BST and will be LIVE on IGN’s Youtube and Twitch channels, so be sure to tune in and hype the hell out of the chat when you see the new interview and trailer drop!

Gori Goes To London!
We’ll be putting the demo live again as part of the celebrations, and leaving it up for those of you who can’t join is in London during September for EGX and WASD to enjoy – so be sure to go and get your fill of the cutest brutality you’ve ever seen (And make the most of the photo mode, that thing is POWERFUL)

If you ARE going to WASD / EGX, be sure to swing by and say hello over at the Wired Productions booth where you can play the demo, grab some sweet swag such as wristbands and badges, and say hi to the community team!

Coming Soon!

Anyway, that’s it for now – more live events! New trailers and interviews, new gameplay showcases, the demo returning, and a couple of sweet announcements are all planned for the next few weeks! And we have even MORE exciting news planned for October – so keep your eyes on our socials for all the announcements (did somebody say NEW demo with new levels? Maybe…)

We’ll see you on Weds night! Share the event, tell your friends, and wishlist the game! get ready to slay!

Check out more Gori news here.

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