WOW! F.R.A.N.K here, humans! Gori and I (plus Ch1p) are thrilled (ok maybe not Ch1P!) to reveal that Gori: Cuddly Carnage has been nominated for the Anticipated Gem Award category for their 2023 Patch of Approval Awards from Patch Magazine. 🎉 This follows on from Gori being a hit with the public at Gamescom and Wasd Live. This is an open public vote. Could you spare us a moment and vote for Gori and help spread the message about this cat-and-slash game?

Patch magazine is an independent magazine covering video games that are created by independent developers or studios. Patch Magazine was founded out of a desire for a fun and friendly space where everyone feels welcome to get involved in the indie gaming world. Patch magazine December 2022 Issue

They want to immerse people in the world of indie gaming by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy their favourite hobby even when taking time away from their monitor. Patch Magazine launched in September 2021, and since then they have worked with a breadth of influencers and developers, gaining notability within the community alongside a growing, enthusiastic and loyal readership. Having collaborated with industry names like BlueTwelve Studio and Spiral Circus Games to create bespoke, illustrated cover artwork. While they work online, they also strive to maintain a physical presence in the community, being asked to attend and write about events such as Playful by Nature at the Natural History Museum in London. They have exciting plans for the future. Find out more HERE.

If you haven’t jumped onto Gori: Cuddly Carnage yet. Now is the PURRFECT time. WHISKERLIST below.

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